Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is removal of a decayed tooth. It is done in cases when it is not possible to salvage the tooth by any other dental treatments .

Reasons for Tooth Extraction
→ Infection in the mouth which affects the bone and structure of the tooth
→ Decayed tooth which cannot be treated by root canal
→ Periodontal disease or dental trauma,
→ To make space for braces treatment
→ A badly positioned tooth
→ A broken tooth which cannot be restored
→ Partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth.

At The Dental House clinic, all the extractions are executed by Oral Surgeon after giving local anaesthesia to numb the affected area. Surgical extractions are done to remove the teeth that are not easily accessible even if they are not yet fully erupted or still under the gum line.

Extractions are also done during orthodontic treatment in certain cases to gain space for malaligned teeth or to take your teeth back.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Over the years, human jaw size is decreasing causing less space for the eruption of Wisdom teeth, also referred as "third molars". They may only erupt partially or they may be embedded completely in the jaw bone. They exert pressure on other teeth causing pain and hence have to be extracted. Also they are difficult to clean as they are the last teeth and the tooth brush does not reach there. So if infected it is best to extract them. Also it is always better to extract your opposing third molar too as it tends to supraerupt later causing more problems.