Pediatric / Kid's Dentistry

Prevention is better than cure is an age old saying. It is a common misconception that why to bother about milk teeth as they are anyways going to shed.

Milk Teeth Are Important
→ To Chew Food
→ To Guide Adult Teeth in Place
→ To Shape Their Face
→ To Speak Clearly
→ Maintaining Space for Permanent Teeth

Tooth care should be started right from the moment child is fed. Wet cotton swabs can be used to clean the baby’s gum pads after drinking milk. The first tooth develops at the age of 6-7 months. Since rampant caries is very common in milk tooth, brushing habits must be started with mildly fluoridated toothpaste in children. In case of permanent tooth, fluoride application will be required which will help strengthen the enamel and provide a shield to prevent attack by bacteria.

Certain habits in children that can affect permanent teeth.
→ Thumb sucking
→ Nail biting
→ Lip biting / Lip sucking
→ Tongue thrusting
→ Mouth breathing