When should be my child's first visit to a dentist?

First visit by First Birthday – that is the ideal rule which should be followed by every parent.

Why Milk teeth are important as they are going to fall anyway?

Milk teeth preserve the space required for the permanent teeth to erupt. If milk teeth fall early, the permanent teeth will erupt in an abnormal position thus increasing the severity of malocclusion and in turn increasing the duration of future orthodontic treatment.

Should I wait till my child is 15-18 years for the braces treatment?

No. Braces treatment can start as soon as the permanent teeth erupt. But some cases require intervention as early as 7-8 years of age.

Will braces treatment pain?

Your orthodontic treatment goes through various stages. There is little discomfort for 5-6 days initially when the wire is changed because that is the time when maximum tooth movement occurs, otherwise it is completely painless.

How much time it will take for my child’s braces treatment?

Each patient is different and comes with different malocclusion. Normal time required is 1- 2 year which might increase in some cases as it depends on various other factors.

Is it normal to extract permanent teeth in braces treatment?

Yes. Extractions are very commonly done in orthodontic treatment and whatever space that we gain after extraction is completely filled once the treatment is completed.

Can I eat anything with my braces?

Yes. But you should avoid any hard and sticky food.

Will extraction harm the eyesight or will it trigger migrane?

No. It is a very common misconception that extraction will damage the eyesight!!! The nerves involved with tooth and eye are completely different, so there is not a slightest possibility that it might be connected.

Can future surgery of my child be prevented even if the case is very severe?

Yes. Your child’s growth can be utilized by myofunctional appliances to bring beautiful changes in their jaws that can easily prevent future surgeries to correct them. These can only be given when the child is growing so ideal time would be around 9-13 years of age.

Can adults undergo braces treatment?

Yes. All that is required in orthodontic treatment is good amount of bone support. So it is never too late for your braces treatment.

Root Canal

Why root canal is required?

It is mostly because of patient’s ignorance that a simple cavity goes deep enough to involve the nerve of tooth. Once the nerve is involved, simple filling won’t subside the pain and the canal of tooth needs to be cleaned.

Will the root canal procedure hurt?

No. Root canal is done under local anaesthesia so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

How many times do I have to come during root canal?

Root canal sittings may vary from single visit to multiple sittings depending on the severity of the case. More the infection, more will be the sitting required to clean the canals.

Why do I need to cap my root canal treated tooth?

Since the nerve and blood supply of tooth is removed during root canal, it becomes brittle over the period of time. Capping acts like a helmet which prevents fracture of your root canal treated tooth.

Why not extract the tooth instead of root canal?

Teeth are like diamonds, Preserve them!! Extraction may be the short cut that might sound cheaper now, but it might cost you 10 times more in the long run. And no matter how good the recent teeth replacements are, nothing can replace your natural teeth.

Should I have root canal only if there is pain?

No. Pain is just one of the symptoms that indicate root canal is required. But in some cases, the infection can harbour itself for years due to body’s immunity to fight off infection but suddenly exacerbate with huge swelling and pus. That’s why regular check-up is required by a dentist who can diagnose it early.


When is the right time to place implant?

Implant can be placed after 18 years of age once the growth of jaws is completed.

Are implants safe and does it hurt while placement?

No, Implants are placed under local anaesthesia and are completely safe. As in any surgical procedure, there is minor discomfort for few days.

Are implants a better replacement than a bridge?

Yes. Consider implant as an investment that you do for yourself to drastically improve your chewing efficiency. Implants are integrated in bone so they are as good as your normal teeth. Your adjacent teeth are not cut during implants as in case of bridge to take support.

How long will the implant last?

If proper care is taken and if an implant is maintained well, they may last a lifetime.

Can an implant fail?

Yes but very rarely. It might be because of numerous reasons like smoking during healing period, improper maintenance around implant and in that case, it can be easily removed and replaced by an alternate solution.

Cleaning/ Scaling

How frequently should I get my teeth cleaned professionally?

Ideally you should get your teeth cleaned professionally after every 6-8 months.

Will my teeth start shaking after the cleaning?

No. Scaling is done by advanced machinery that gives ultrasonic vibrations. These vibrations help in removing the calculus that was deposited in between your teeth. Plaque and calculus causes gum disease which will indirectly result in bone loss and diminished support for your teeth.

Will there be tooth structure loss after cleaning?

No. Since these are ultrasonic vibrations, they do not cause damage to enamel of your teeth.

What brush should be used for cleaning?

You should always use soft brush for cleaning your teeth.

How many times we should brush in a day?

You should brush at least twice a day. One should also gargle after afternoon meals.